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Our Callback module allows for various types of implementation of Callback based services. Types of callback options differ in the way a user may opt to select or trigger the service.

Regular callback

Initiated by making a phone call to our Switch. The service can be implemented by the mean of DID provided by us, PSTN or GSM gateway or a mobile phone connected to a PC with a special application that communicates with our platform Switch.

Authorization methods:

By PIN the system calls back to the caller ID that has come with the call, after the call is connected the IVR prompts for a PIN, after successful authorization the two stage dialing scenario is processed

By Caller-ID (ANI) the system tries to  authorize the Caller ID received with the triggering call, if authorization is successful (the caller-ID is associated with a user account in the system), the system makes a call to the caller ID or to a default phone number assigned to the user account (defined by the user e.g. from the web)

By DID in this method each user has a unique DID (virtual phone number) associated with his/her account. After dialing this DID the system initiates a call to a predefined phone number associated with the account. This service is mainly for users that for requesting callback use phone services with blocked caller-ID.

By SMS - In this  method our users trigger the callback by sending SMS to our Switch. The service can be implemented by the mean of a mobile phone connected to a PC with a special application that communicates with the mobile and forwards requests to our Switch.

Web CallBack

The technological advantages of our callback services is our ability to provide our customers with Web-Interface for their callback applications.

There are two options of carrying out the connection:

  • Connect source first then call destination
  • Call simultaneously

In the first option, Our Platform Switch will try to connect with the number entered in the source field first, if this succeeds will connect with the destination number.

In the second option, Our Platform Switch will try to connect the two numbers simultaneously.

Additional options supported by desktop and web callback are:

  • Phone book stored on a server
  • Direct links to the Web Portal (calls history, payments etc)
  • Information on the current account  balance displayed on the interface
  • Real time messages on the connection status both for source and destination side.   


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