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Web2Fone Instructions of Use

Part of our ongoing effort to provide you with a complete solution for your communication needs, we have engineered one of the most technologically advanced VoIP Platform Systems, which will allow you to utilize our Universal ePIN / Password with many of our Global Products when purchasing Web2Globe Account, all bundled in one Universal ePIN.

Among these products that can be used with your Web2Globe Account are;

  • Web2Fone (PC to Phone Calling).
  • Web2IPFone (IP Phone to Phone Calling).
  • Web2eCard (Travel Card Calling)
  • Web2Fone to Web2Fone (Web2Fone Virtual Extension Calling) and
  • Call Back Products (Worldwide to Worldwide Calling using Web or Regular Call Back trigger).
Registering Your Account:
  1. Register your account by pressing on the Register Link, or Sign Up Now.
  2. Select the Product’s Type of your choice. i.e: Web2Globe, Web2Fone, Web2IPFone, Etc.
  3. Enter the Amount of Payment you wish to purchase the service.
  4. Enter your User Name (Remember your User Name)
  5. Enter your Email Address and any other information requested.
  6. Press the Register Button and follow the bank instructions.
  7. Your ePIN/Password along with information about your account will be emailed to you upon completion of the process.
  8. Download and install the FREE Web2Fone Dialer.
Using Web2Fone - PC to Phone Calling:

Now that you have purchased your services, Downloaded and Installed your Web2Fone Dialer, you are ready to start saving on your long distance calls.

  1. Launch the Web2Fone by Clicking on the Web2Fone Icon.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password and click on Login.
  3. Your Web2Fone Dialer will be launched and registered.
  4. Dial the Number you wish to call using your keyboard or your mouse.
  5. Press Dial on your Web2Fone dial pad.
  6. Press Hang Up or End when finished.
Using CallBack - Worldwide to Worldwide Calling:

Many Call Back Triggers to choose from; Among these are:

Regular Call Back: To use your Regular Call Back follow the instructions bellow;

  1. To View ICB Access Numbers, Logon to your Account and Click on Access Numbers.  
  2. Dial the Country Assigned Call Back Number, let it ring once and Hung Up;
  3. Our VoIP Platform will recognize your number and calls you back.
  4. Once you pick up the phone you will hear our recording instructions.
  5. Enter your ePIN/Password followed by the # key.
  6. Dial your number of choice as indicated bellow.

          Web Call Back: To use your Web Call Back follow the instructions bellow;

    1. Logon to your Web2Globe Account.
    2. Click on WebCallBack Dialer - Need to Install prior to First Use.
    3. Your WebCallBack Dialer is launched.
    4. Enter your phone number at the SOURCE Field.
    5. Enter the Number you whish to call at the DESTINATION Field and Press Place Call... It is that simple.
Using Web2IPFone - IP Phone to Phone Calling: 

There are many SIP VoIP Phones in the market place today. They all have few unique settings in common, which reflect the way your IP Phone connects to any specified Network. Bellow are the main important settings that are required in order for your VoIP Phone to connect to our Network.  

  1. Logon to your SIP VoIP Phone using manufacturer’s settings instruction.
  2. Under Registered Server; Call for Confirmation
  3. Under User Name; Call for Confirmation 
  4. Under User Password; Call for Confirmation
  5. Under Port No; Call for Confirmation
  6. Save and load the configuration according to the IP Phone instructions.
  7. Your IP Phone is ready and should be automatically registered to our Network.
  8. To Call; Follow the Dialing Instructions bellow.
Using Web2eCard - Travel Card Calling:

To use your Web2eCard follow the instructions bellow;

  1. To View Access Numbers, Logon to Your Account and Click on Access Numbers.
  2. Dial the Country Assigned Travel Card Access Number.
  3. Enter your ePIN followed by the # key.
  4. Dial your number of choice.
Using Web2Fone to Web2Fone - Web2Fone to Web2Fone Calling:

To use your Web2Fone to Web2Fone follow the instructions bellow;

  1. Request a Virtual Extension Number (VEN) that is assigned to your account.
    • To request or purchase your No Monthly Fee VEN
    • Logon to your account and Click on DID Follow Me Numbers
    • Select the Web2Fone Extension and Press Purchase.
    • Confirm the Purchase and your VEN is automatically assigned to your account.
    • A one time set up fee of $3.00 is applied.
    • No other fees or Monthly Charges are applied thereafter.
  2. Have your friends and family members request Similar Extension Numbers.
  3. Using your Web2Fone Dialer or IP Phone; Dial the Assigned Virtual Extension Number of the other customer of Web2Fone.
  4. Enjoy talking worldwide to worldwide for Free.
  5. It is that simple.
Dialing Instructions:

For US, Canada and US Virgin Islands calls:  Dial 1 + Area Code + Number
For All other International calls:  Dial 011 or 00 + Country Code + City Code + Number

For Web2fone to Web2Fone Calling: Just dial the Web2Fone Virtual Extension Number of the Party you wish to call.

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